GARDEN (SERIES 2)         







Chained garden

Since the Revolution in Iran in 1979, executions, of active students, intellectual and other innocent people fighting for democracy has been a constant tragic part of the contemporary history of Iran. In 2006 once more I was totally torn apart by the news of the death of another student in prison. This news, with the remembrance of the serial murders of the intellectuals in the 90s inspired this painting 'chained garden'.


Trees in my work are a symbol of freedom just as in nature. They grow and spread their branches and grow their leaves. Spread their shadows and give us the pleasure of enjoying and using every thing they have. Chained garden, imprisoned trees, their branches have been cut, their leaves from all this oppression, have turned yellow. This is the image of a garden deteriorating, a nation dying under oppression but still trying to stand high.

































































































Garden (series 2)


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