GARDEN (SERIES 2)           





Self Biography


A self biography, the story of my life, an airplane that connects me to the people I love, my connection to security but also what separates me from all that is close to my heart. The scarf blowing in the wind, with my hair, which is also the branches of the tree. This feeling of being blown away, as if I can never have my feet really fixed on the ground. The cherry earrings, the beautiful childhood, that every small thing was a treasure and source of happiness. My huge necklace, my eastern jewelry, some thing I can not wear in the foreign land, I had to leave it back home, and now there is only the memory of it once on my neck. The gold fish, the Iranian new year. The hope for change, that things will get better. The tulips, a symbol for the People who were killed in the 2009 demonstration in Iran. The apple, so beautiful but which has changed our destiny forever.

































































































Garden (series 2)


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